Our forex cash position is reaching once again our target levels and as per our last Newsletter we expect this time the levels to be challenged. Providing an interesting return. These are the new conditions we have set for the coming test of key levels

1) For USD CASH:
IF EURUSD closes 1 day below 1.0800. We increase our position to 100% capacity (or more by leverage at your risk appetite level) by Selling EUR and purchasing USD. Holding until next target area between 1.00/1.02

2) For CHF Cash:
If EURCHF closes 1 day below 1.000, parity, we increase our position to 100% capacity (or more by leverage at your risk appetite) by Selling EUR and purchasing CHF. Holding until next target area at 0.900
If EURCHF parity level holds but EURUSD 1.0800 level gives away and continues drop, we will convert our entire CHF position to USD. This may happen if Swiss National Bank intervention is successful. Because of this uncertain variable we could witness various false breaks, given the sensitivity of this signal we might post a SPECIAL ALERT message before acting.

3)For GOLD:
Although 2000 is the great psychological level , using the same daily closure approach we need to see it established above 2070 in order to activate the next target at 2500. Usually the Gold rise momentum slows down when the Central Bank rate increase begins. However we are witnessing an unprecedented situation with expectations of 2 digits inflation rates and Central Banks still “driving” behind the curve. Just HODLing in the meantime.

This week we expect the Break of all support levels which will drive the market to a test of 2022 lows.

Sail Safe

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