January 2022 I set a target of 14,000 for BTCUSD and expected the price to reach it in the second half of 2022. I will not describe in details how we came to set this level, I invite you to read our early newsletters to understand the rationale behind that forecast.

One of the recurring theme is our Weekly candle chart that we use for our long term trend analysis. We often mentioned that the 28,000/30,000 range was a critical support area, as it has been holding very well in July 2021 after Bitcoin’s “SELL in May and Go Away” wave.
This past weekend the support area gave away with a disarming simplicity, not to mention that it happened during weekend days, when professional traders are supposedly enjoying the days off. So when Asia opened on Monday it was no surprise to see traditional markets follow up on the trend.

Although we believe that the final stage of Crypto Bubble burst is underway with the characteristics of a “traditional panic sale” where investors choices are mostly controlled by emotions (see FEAR indicator reaching record lows): Crypto holders capitulate and sell at any price, eventually driving prices below real value and oversold levels.
Still, to keep the main trend on check, we have to go back to our weekly technical indicators and MUST wait this coming Friday close below 28,000 to confirm Bitcoin’s next push down below 15,000. And the whole Crypto sector with it.

A last wash out in Crypto will burn again a considerable amount of wealth in the whole world, so it is not at all a suprise to see that all our weekly charts whether it is for Global Stock indexes, bonds, Gold & Oil, EuroUsd (now at year low) are showing that as of this MONDAY each one’s respective prices are BELOW a MAJOR SUPPORT ( for many a critical Fibonacci Fan). This means that if by FRIDAY market close price levels remain the same or below we will have a wave of Selling across all Financial Asset Markets sparkled by the Crypto Capitulation….Panic selling… Crash.

However, as have been advocating since December 2021 when we cashed all our assets, it is also the BUYING OPPORTUNITY to rebuild our cash portfolios with a NEW ASSET ALLOCATION.

With next week’s JUNE NEWSLETTER we are looking forward to confirm a much precise time frame for our global targets and will list next important price levels. But most importantly whether it is time to close some of our SHORT POSITIONS, eventually start building a plan to reinvest some of our cash and last but not least by which asset/market we should begin our purchasing.


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