January 2022 I set a target of 14,000 for BTCUSD and expected the price to reach it in the second half of 2022. I will not describe in details how we came to set this level, I invite you to read our early newsletters to understand the rationale behind that forecast. One of the recurring […]

May Newsletter

Dear Readers, We are finally publishing our May Newsletter. On our last Alert paper we were warning that investors would have pushed prices down and challenged March Lows. The CRITICAL question was to decide whether it was the moment to begin closing some of our SHORT positions that we had opened since 13 December 2021 […]

May Alert

Given that today STOCKS and CRYPTOS are reaching or have reached March LOWS as we have been warning in the laast Newsletters and Alerts we produced. We are now delaying on purpuse the MAY Newsletter. This week expect that traders will challenge aggressively the support lines that come with the lows. Volatility will be extremely […]


Ahead of my May Newsletter I feel it is important that I bring your attention to the classic S&P Volatility Index or ViX as commonly known. During the record long bull run (2009-2021) we have witnessed since the recovery of 2008 crisis the average Volatility of the S&P was stuck at 15 (price trading between […]


Our forex cash position is reaching once again our target levels and as per our last Newsletter we expect this time the levels to be challenged. Providing an interesting return. These are the new conditions we have set for the coming test of key levels 1) For USD CASH: IF EURUSD closes 1 day below […]

Bubble Burst Update

Bubble Burst Update: Stocks and Crypto Market have recovered for much longer than we had expected. Last week all stock indexes and Cryptos have retraced exactly 50% to 61.8% of the drop since November 2021. Only currencies (namely USD, CHF and GOLD) have slowly risen and are still due to reach the extreme levels we […]

Everyone prepare yourself for Capitulation

We are well into the second week of March. Everyone prepare yourself for Capitulation. Dead cat bounce has pushed people to believe the Bear Market is ending. No way near. We Hold on to all our shorts. We m increasing further shorts by 10%. Friday we used the pullback to purchase Nasdaq Proshare inverted. We […]

Please do not get FOOLED by yesterday’s bullish run!

Please do not get fooled by yesterday’s bullish run. Cynically Fuelled by “the war may come to an end…” Although we do really hope it is going in that direction, the human and economical damage is tremendous and this will not disappear from one day to another. I brought you the volatility chart which is […]

The BEGINNING of the Large Financial Correction I was Fearing

Dear Friends, I am writing you to make an update over my exceptional December call to LIQUIDATE all financial assets and move to cash USD, CHF and GOLD. Last two weeks have accelerated the BEGINNING of the large financial correction I was fearing. Some of you have been writing to ask if this is the […]