Specialists in the Analysis of Financial Markets for more than 32 years. Crypto Financial Services Team is committed to help our clients integrate Digital Asset services within their Business.

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As investors become more interested in cryptocurrencies, financial advisors and companies are feeling a new urgency to offer investments to clients. In fact, in 2021 Finbold survey found that as many as 94% of the financial advisors had received inquiries about crypto from their clients, proving that there’s no lack of interest in them among the investors themselves.

Crypto Financial Services can help you identify opportunities, develop a smart strategy, select the right solutions to keep you on pace with your customer expectations and educate your staff on the Crypto environment and services. 

Also providing advisory services around payments strategy, technology organization structure, and operational improvements and efficiency. With the help of our Crypto partners and the Private Banking experience and expertise of our founding partners we believe we have the right combination to help your Company find the right place in the Crypto revolution.

As prices continue to drop to much reasonable levels and similarly to the dotcom bubble, many false blockchain project and Ponzi schemes are revealed and destroyed. We believe that by 2023 the Crypto market will commence its institutionalised and regulatory process and adoption by financial institutions will grow exponentially. 

Besides the advantages of providing an access and a new service to your customers let us list other benefits of using blockchain in banking:

  • Faster transactions as funds don’t have to pass several banks in order to reach the final destination bank account;
  • Lower transaction fees (use of blockchain can save banks millions of dollars annually);
  • Absence of geographical barriers;
  • Absence of governmental or other third-party control over transactions via decentralized blockchain

Finally, Crypto Financial Services is happy to announce that It has decided to publish an Institutional version of our successful Global Market Analysis Newsletter. Please contact our support to aquire a licence.

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Michele Contarini

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Co-founder & Researcher

Selman Osmandic

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